RE Curriculum

Religious Education at SMC

Subject Leader: Miss Z O’Neill

Learning in RE is at the core of the curriculum and we ensure that the Bishop’s directive is followed in allocating 10% of curriculum time to RE lessons.

At St. Margaret Clitherow Academy, Religious Education is seen and as a special and core subject. Children take great pride in their R.E books and strive to achieve in R.E lessons. As a school, we use a system of “Metacognition Expectations” across the curriculum, including R.E, to support and challenge children in their learning. In R.E lessons, children are given the opportunity to reflect on their work and are supported in evaluating how they can make progress, whatever their starting points. R.E lessons are seen as important, unique and enjoyable by our children, who relish the opportunity to learn about the mystery of faith whilst being given time for reflection, wonder and prayer.

Teachers create Medium Term Plans, based on the Come and See scheme of learning.  Each year group has their own list of nine topics to cover throughout the academic year, all linked by a central theme. The topics, although different in each year group, all explore the relevant theme at an appropriate level and ensure clear, comprehensive and systematic progression across the year groups.

When teaching ‘Come and See’ we adhere to End of Year Expectations.  The End of Year Expectations are linked to specific ‘Driver Words’ for each attainment target and year group. These expectations and driver words are set out by the Diocese and are used to inform our planning and delivery of lessons. The End of Year Expectations are split into three strands: Attainment Target 1, 2 and 3. AT1 Head – What we learn, AT2 Heart – How we live out what we have learnt and AT3 Cloud – What we wonder and our questions. The delivery of each ‘Come and See’ topic is taught in three parts, Explore, Reveal and Respond.  Using this structure enables the children to develop their knowledge, understanding, skills and fostering of attitudes. Each ‘Come and See’ topic lasts for four weeks.

Each lesson begins with a period of quiet prayer and reflection, with a candle being lit.  This is to remind us that, although still a lesson, it is a special lesson that is different to every other as we are developing our faith and putting ourselves in the presence of God. Before any new teaching begins with a retrieval activity will be undertaken, in line with expectations for other subject areas.

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