Collective Worship at SMC

At St Margaret Clitherow, we aim to provide quality experiences of prayer and liturgy that support pupils’ spiritual development. Communal acts of prayer and the liturgical celebrations of the Church form part of everyday life in our school. Every child is given the opportunity to pray by giving praise and thanks to God using traditional prayers of the Catholic Church and other sources of prayer. We encourage the children to nurture a relationship with God through words, symbols, song, gestures and silence.




Collective Worship is an ideal opportunity to celebrate. Celebrations are an essential part of life for people of every age and faith. At St Margaret Clitherow, collective worship is an integral part of the school life. It gives all children the opportunity to celebrate and ‘Live out the Faith’ in their lives. Collective Worship takes place daily at SMC, whether this is as a whole school, as a key stage or as a class. It is an opportunity for us all to:

  • gather together, 

  • listen and share scripture, 

  • respond to this with our thoughts and feelings,

  • take away a key message which we can live out in our busy days. 

All classes have their own collective worship box containing cloths for all the liturgical seasons, candles, religious artefacts and symbols to use as a focal point for prayer which is appropriate to the liturgical season, for example, Lent, Advent or Easter.

In Key Stage 1, children have the opportunity to plan weekly collective worships with the support of an adult or members of the chaplaincy team. They then deliver this to their class in small groups.

In Key Stage 2, all children are given the opportunity to plan and deliver their own collective worship in small groups. They plan all parts of the collective worship including the theme, the scripture and the mission. The children also take responsibility for evaluating each collective worship and as a class set an action plan for the following term.

We gather together in key stages and as a whole school each week. On a Monday morning, KS2 gather together to be led in an assembly. On Wednesday morning, Foundation and KS1 gather together to be led in an assembly, On a Thursday, we gather together as a whole school for hymn practice. Finally, on a Friday we gather together to celebrate success in our achievement assembly. In addition, we regularly celebrate mass in school with Father John.  

Prayer areas are focal in every class and throughout the school 

Year 3 child led collective worship 

Key Stage 2 Assembly 

Examples of collective worship boxes in each class.