Daily Prayer/Worship Resources

As you know we are not at school at the moment because we need to stay apart until things are better and we can come back together again.

This is going to be hard and some of us will be full of worry but remember God is always with us. God loves us all and listens to our prayers and I am confident that, with His help, we will all come through this.

While you are at home, continue to pray together as a family. Set up a collective worship so that you can come togther and offer each other comfort in this time of need. These are difficult times for everyone, so reflect upon what we have to be thankful for, focus on the good things and make time to talk to each other. 


Below are some resources that you may find helpful and comforting during this time:



                                         TenTen: Resources are 

                                         offering daily prayer                                                     resouces. Please share

                                         together. Click here


Worship Songs 


School prayers 

Lent Calender 

Praying the Rosary


Continue to spread God's light to others. His light will always shine brightly.