Computing at SMC

The 2014 national curriculum introduces a new subject, computing, which replaces ICT. It gives schools the chance to review and enhance current approaches in order to provide an even more exciting and rigorous curriculum that addresses the challenges and opportunities offered by our technologically rich world.

Computing looks at how computers and computer systems work, and how they are designed and programmed. Pupils studying computing will gain an understanding of computational systems of all kinds.  The focus of the new curriculum is on computational thinking and creativity, as well as opportunities for programming and digital media. The computing curriculum has been divided into three separate aspects: computer science (CS), information technology (IT) and digital literacy (DL)



Computing curriculum planning

We use the new 2014 National Curriculum planning document as well as other resources for the planning and teaching of Computing at St. Margaret Cltiherow Academy. Computing work may involve whole class teaching or work in groups, pairs or as individuals. It can be taught both as a discrete subject and in a cross-curricular way.

Click here  to view The National Curriculum programme of study for Computing.

Computing at SMC!