English at SMC

Our English curriculum is structured using the national curriculum and other resources to support the teaching and learning of reading, writing, spelling, punctuation and grammar.


Phonics is taught in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, through the use of Letters and Sounds. We teach English through quality texts, using eight reading inference training techniques to investigate texts and improve understanding.


To support this learning, all children are given weekly reading homework based on Retrieval, Inference and Choice questions (RIC). 


Again, quality texts are used in the teaching of writing to immerse children in the correct and creative use of language, sentence structures and punctuation, discussing justified reasons for the possible developments of characters, plot and settings in fiction and the various presentations of information in non-fiction.


Because our children are at various stages of learning English, we encourage children to investigate, understand and use a rich and broad range of vocabulary, preparing them for the linguistic challenges that come with the new curriculum.