Maths at SMC


Children at SMC have a great passion and enjoyment for Maths.  It is taught to be fun, engaging and enjoyable, as well as challenging, giving children the freedom and independence to question, investigate, test and understand a concept through their own means of investigation.  Children understand that making mistakes is part of their mathematical journey of understanding, we as teachers encourage, question and guide children’s learning in order to support them and aid their understanding.


At SMC, we have adopted a mastery approach to teaching maths where children gain a full and deeper understanding of a mathematical concept.  It is not merely being able to recall key facts or know a method, it’s to have the understanding of what the fact actually means and understand why a method works in the way it does.  In order to support this, we use the three stage approach of concrete, pictorial and abstract teaching:

Concrete: Concrete is the “doing” stage, using concrete objects to model problems. Instead of the traditional method of math teaching, where a teacher demonstrates how to solve a problem, children are encouraged to use apparatus to represent the problem how they see it using objects.


Pictorial: Pictorial is the “seeing” stage, using representations of the objects to model problems. This stage encourages children to make a mental connection between the physical object by replacing it with a visual representation through drawing.


Abstract: Abstract is the “symbolic” stage, where children now progress to representing the object as a number or mathematical symbol showing their understanding of the problem.


Within lessons, children are provided with a variety of tasks which test their fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills.  They are encouraged to explain their understanding through rich conversations with peers and adults.  When they have grasped a concept they are encouraged to tackle more challenging tasks which deepens their understanding and allows them to look for patterns, connections and generalisations. 


Our aim is for all children to enjoy maths through a supportive learning environment where all questions and answers are respected, mistakes are embraced and used as part of the learning process, allowing for all children to gain a sense of achievement and pride through their hard work and determination to succeed.

















Here at SMC we have subscribed each child to an online maths site where they can access a variety of maths tasks to help them practice and consolidate maths learning.  Some teachers will set homework on mathletics so it is important you become familiar with it at home.  There is also a free parent subscription where you can track your child’s progress.  

Parents Matheletics information

Click here to view the Primary National Curriculum Program of Study for Maths.