Our Wider Curriculum at SMC

At SMC we believe that the curriculum should be as broad and balanced as possible, offering children the opportunity to achieve success in many different areas. Our curriculum takes its fundamental objectives and aims from the National Curriculum 2014 and also provides planned opportunities that make up the wider curriculum resulting in a vibrant and highly enriched curriculum. We believe that the school curriculum should be balanced and broad, offering children the opportunities to achieve success in all areas. Learning is always exciting and presented in a meaningful context for the children. Where commonality exists between subjects learning is linked and lessons are taught using a cross-curricular approach. Where this is not achievable, subjects are taught discretely. 

We follow a topic based curriculum, mainly using geography and history as starting points, where logical connections are made between different aspects of their work to provide the children with a broad range of skill and fact based learning. The topics take their lead from the Key Stage 1 and 2 Programme of Study. Each year group studies between 3 and 6 topics per year and topics are selected for the opportunities they provide for developing children’s knowledge, skills and understanding of subjects and for their potential to offer cross curricular links with English, Maths and computing. We strive to make learning creative and use a broad range of teaching strategies that take into account the different ways that children learn. To ensure that the children are at the centre of learning, teachers consult with their classes on what they want to find out about a given topic and ensure that there is a shared ownership of this.


Geography is concerned with the study of places, the human and physical processes that shape them and the people who live in them.

Throughout the school, children develop their knowledge of map reading and drawing both in their local environment and into a wider field. They also study weather, rivers, volcanoes, earthquakes, landscapes and wider Geographical issues, both in their local area and other countries. 

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Geography at SMC 






Children learn about people and important events and developments from recent and more distant times in the locality, in Britain and in other parts of the world.  Children learn about historical enquiry by looking at a range of real and secondary sources and by, wherever possible, recreating events from the past. They also explore the chronological aspect of our history to better understand the development of our world today.

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History at SMC








Design and Technology

In Design and Technology the children use creativity and imagination to design and make products that solve real and relevant problems. Design and Technology incorporates a range of skills, for example model making, drawing, safe use of tools, food preparation and nutrition, problem solving, observation and discussion, as well drawing on other disciplines such as Mathematics, Science, Computing and Art. Through the evaluation of past and present design and technology, the children can develop a critical understanding of the impact of Design and Technology on daily life and the wider world.

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Design and Technology at SMC


Art and Design

We believe that creativity, challenge and inspiration are fundamental to the development of every child. Our Art and Design curriculum aims to develop a deep understanding and appreciation of the role creativity has played culturally and historically, through an exploration of key artists and craftsmen through time.

We aim to increase confidence and competence in the use of different media, such as pencil, charcoal, paint, collage, inks, textiles and clay. Art teaching is embedded in other subjects, as well as taught discreetly to ensure progression. We promote the necessary skills for our children to develop their natural ability to be expressive and creative and we aim to instil pride by achieving finished work that is of a high standard

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Art and Design at SMC









The teaching of music in our school follows the aims of the National Curriculum. We want children to experience music by way of practical engagement in performing, composing and appraising. Singing and work with rhythm play an important part in the development of musical skills. All children have opportunities to sing within lessons, in weekly singing assemblies and in musical production. Music progression and achievement is celebrated at the end of each term with a music concert. 

Tuition in various instruments is provided by peripatetic teachers. Parents are actively encouraged to apply for tuition when their child is considered old enough. Children can learn to play the flute, clarinet or guitar. There is a termly charge for instrumental tuition which is payable in advance.in addition, Children on Year 4 learn to play either the cornet, trumpet or baritone as part of the Wider opportunities initiative provided by the Nottingham Music Hub. The children also have the opportunity to be part of Area Band led by Nottingham Music Hub.

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Music at SMC









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