Our trip out on Wednesday

After lunch on Wednesday, we went for a long walk in the countryside to a place called: Crich Stand. Crich Stand is a Monument on the top of the highest hill in the area, and is dedicated to the memory of soldiers who gave their lives for our country in all wars since WW1, specifically from the Sherwood Foresters Regiment.

When we eventually arrived, we became very quiet. Some of us sat and prayed for the people who had died and their families, some of us picked daisies and buttercups to lay at the foot of the symbolic grave.

It was a peaceful time for all of us, and we enjoyed being able to view FIVE counties.

"We were so proud of our Year 6's at Crich Stand. The way they reacted to what the Tower stood for truly showed the ethos of our school." - Seán, Chaplain.

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