Wednesday's Morning Prayer

Wednesday morning began with Paige's group leading us in Morning Prayer. This was an energetic start to the day which began with us all dancing as we entered the room. The focus for the prayer was all about our memories, whether they are good or bad memories, they all play a part in moulding us into the person we are today. Paige's group provided wonderful entertainment with their acting skills, it was a delight to watch.

Tuesday's Walk

After morning prayer we got ourselves prepared for a walk in the countryside. Some of us were not as enthusiastic as others but once we got going it was a morning filled with fun and laughter. We had to walk through squelchy mud and try our best not to fall over in it. Everyone was slipping and sliding all over the place! It certainly put a smile on our faces.

Tuesday's Night Prayer

Tuesday's night prayer was an opportunity to prepare and share with other groups. We had time to reflect and think about the true meaning of saying sorry to others and the affect it has. We also had time in prayer to think about all the attributes we need in order to support and help one another in times of need. We all acted and read beautifully as a group. It was a lovely end to a great day.


Tuesday began with Jack's group leading us in morning prayer where we reflected on how to inspire and encourage others. We thought about situations we find ourselves in where other peoples words can provide us with support. The children read perfectly and listened intently to the words being read and the message they gave. From here, we then went to prepare for our walk...

Briars Olympics

Once back from our walk we got ready for the 'Briars Olympics!' The team split us into groups and we had so much fun competing against each other in different challenges. We had to create a chant for our team name and perform it to Mrs Smith and Mrs Farrell to confirm the winners. It was a great opportunity to gather as a team and encourage each other to do well. Everyone was screaming for their team members which made them feel special and supported. We had great fun!

We've Arrived!

We have arrived safely at The Briars! The surrounding countryside provides a beautiful view for our week away. Upon arrival we played some games whilst waiting for the other school to arrive, who are St. Francis from Melton Mowbray. We then had a jam packed evening getting into our groups and getting to know each other. Our evening ended with night prayer which was based around the theme 'If God was a...' We made models to show the different attributes we believe are important to have in order to live in the light of God.

Year 6 Briars BLOG 2016

This is the BLOG dedicated to our Year 6's trip to The Briars. When they have departed for their Retreat, this will become our homepage for the week! If you need anything else, our 'home' button or school badge will still take you to the main 'home' page. Enjoy yourselves, Year 6!! -Seán.

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