Teaching music in our school follows the aims of the National Curriculum. We want children to experience music by way of practical engagement in performing, composing and appraising. Singing and work with rhythm play an important part in the development of musical skills. All children have opportunities to sing within lessons, in weekly singing assemblies and in musical production. Music progression and achievement is celebrated at the end of each term with a music concert.

We use the 2014 National Curriculum Music planning document as well as other resources for planning and teaching.

2014 National Curriculum Music planning document

Children in Year 4 learn to play either the cornet, trumpet or baritone as part of the Wider Opportunities initiative provided by the Nottingham Music Hub. The children also have the opportunity to be part of the Area Band led by Nottingham Music Hub.

Tuition in various instruments is provided by peripatetic teachers. Parents are actively encouraged to apply for tuition when their child is considered old enough. Children can learn to play the flute, clarinet or guitar.

There is a termly charge for instrumental tuition which is payable in addition,