School Council

At St Margaret Clitherow School we are very proud of our School Council and the wonderful job they do!

Each year, two children from each class are chosen to become ‘Class Reps’. As the name suggests, this is a very responsible position in school to hold and the children take their positions and role seriously.

The School Council have two main functions in school. The first is to be a ’voice’ for the rest of their peers – to bring minor issues raised in class to meetings and hopefully ‘together’ sort out solutions to any problems that may arise, or to find out what channels they need to go down and to find out ‘who’ to approach to bring issues to a satisfactory conclusion. The second is to take the lead in fund raising activities throughout the year for various needs, whether these are for school, ‘local’ issues (such as helping to raise money throughout the year for Nottingham’s homeless community) or for the wider/nationwide community – as in supporting national events (such as Red Nose Day or Children in Need) or ‘worldwide’ in supporting our global family, when, for example, natural disasters occur and urgent and emergency support is required.

Every year the School Council set themselves a fundraising target and each year we are super proud to report – we SMASH that target – to the extent we have sometimes ‘doubled’ it!

So far, we have had a ‘Sponsored Sleepover’ in school to raise money for Emmanuel House – with sponsorship money raised in excess of £600 and we sell poppies to support The Royal British Legion and their national poppy appeal.

As always, The School Council would like to thank everyone who support and encourage us and for them to acknowledge our appreciation. We rely heavily on everyone working together as a team!