Physical Education

P.E. helps promote a long-term, healthy lifestyle that is both enjoyable and fulfilling.

We aim to provide a high-quality physical education curriculum that inspires all of our pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sports and other physically demanding activities. Through our physical education culture we will enhance academic achievement, as well as the health and well-being of our pupils and by doing so, directly impact improved progress in reading, writing and maths.

We want to provide opportunities for our pupils to become confident and physically literate in a way that supports their well-being. Additionally, we aim to provide opportunities for children to compete in sports and other activities in order to build resilience and embed values such as teamwork, fairness, and respect.

Our PE and sport aspire to build self-esteem, teamwork, and leadership skills enabling each child to be the best they can be by:

  • Improving health and well-being
  • Providing high-quality opportunities and outcomes for all
  • Encouraging community involvement
  • Promoting active participation and competition
  • Raising achievement and supporting excellence.

​We pride ourselves on the extensive range of further sporting opportunities for pupils.

In collaboration with First Grade Sports, we work towards giving our pupils the opportunity to experience as many sports as we can. Throughout the year, there are many and varied opportunities for children to represent the school in Inter-School competitions. We aim to enter every event possible and to invite as broad a range of pupils as possible to take part.