Spanish is taught every half term and the learning is consolidated with various activities. From Year 3 to Year Six, our teaching approach to languages centres on giving our pupils positive experiences associated with learning languages for them to be encouraged to pursue them later in their school lives. Songs, games, and other engaging verbal activities are used within our Spanish sessions to encourage enjoyment and excitement while learning, as well as giving pupils opportunities to use language in real-life, social and interactive contexts.

Through our teaching of Spanish, we aim for children to be able to build on five strands of teaching and learning: Speaking, Reading, Listening, Writing and Intercultural Understanding.

These strands will enable the children to be able to:

  • Listen and respond to questions using correct pronunciation and grammar
  • Memorise and recite familiar words and phrases (including rhymes, songs and stories)
  • Interpret meaning by picking out familiar words
  • Read and write familiar vocabulary building up into short phrases and sentences including the use of dictionaries to find new words.