Playground Buddies

Our Playground Buddy scheme plays an important part in creating a safe, friendly and peaceful atmosphere for children during playtimes. Playground Buddies are selected Year 5 and 6 pupils.

Children interested in becoming Playground Buddies apply near the end of Year 4 and complete a job application form explaining why they would like to be a Playground Buddy and why they think they would be good at the job.. Selected pupils are given training before working in the playground alongside the adults.  A rota is drawn up so all buddies are aware of their duties, a minimum of 2 buddies assist each playtime.

The role of Playground Buddies involve: 

  • Making children feel comfortable and welcome

  • Helping children find new friends

  • To help all children to play cooperatively with each other

  • Including children who are lonely and helping them to play games

  • Giving support to children to find solutions to a problem

  • Being fair and not taking sides

  • Teaching new games

  • Resolve/ prevent  fall outs

  • Report to adults any difficult situations

  • Most importantly, be available as a friend to all the other children.

All Children are expected to respect the Buddies and their decisions as they carry out their responsibilities.